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We now have a full time construction team!
Our work at ReUse Builders is focused on old buildings, with old materials, or with outside-of-the-box creative projects.
Old buildings are a welcome challenge, old materials are inspiring and unique, and creative projects challenge us to consider what’s possible and make new models and approaches for building.
New Builds
We enjoy reclaiming materials. It’s both tangible and fun. But we really get jazzed by the process of turning these materials into something beautiful.
Whether in our shop or on a local job site, ReUse Builders is transforming materials that would otherwise be wasted into products, finishes, and structures embodying enduring quality and character.


ReUse Builders worked with our old friend Dennis Maher and his team to build a fantastic structure inside his converted church building, Assembly House 150.
This was a lot of fun! Outside of the box, challenging and now a blank canvas for student work and reclaimed material sculptures.


Recently, we reclaimed over 5,000 square feet of maple flooring from the gymnasium of Union Springs Elementary School in the Finger Lakes. We then installed the wood into the old grain elevator  Young and Wright Architectural has converted into their main office. It was a unique application and installation, and the end product is fabulous.

Beyond maple, we’ve made high-quality, unique flooring from many of our reclaimed woods – pine, hemlock, chestnut, oak – a wide variety of authentic finishes. We can install it for  you or provide flooring ready for you or  your contractor to install.


We’re developing an entire line of reused tables, bar and countertops and various finish materials for residential and commercial spaces. The newest Thin Man Brewery and Tappo Wood Oven Pizzeria on Chandler Street offers a glimpse of what you can do with old materials. We built and installed the bar tops, tables, and numerous finishes throughout the two story commercial development.

Maple tables for JAM Coffee in Parkside, with reclaimed chrome bases. Great modern, clean style!
Siding for the front of Five Points Bakery. ReUse Builders reclaimed this wood from the building itself and built out the interior.
We love to combine our reclaimed wood with found objects, such as this old cast iron table base, probably 125 years old.